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While each of the Tonic Silver pieces has its own story, we know that the moment
the moment you enter our store, you bring a little bit of your own.
a little bit of your own.
We understand how much you love your pieces, which is why our
that's why our expert jewelers offer a custom-made service
tailored to your needs.
Restoration is a tedious and complex process that requires meticulous
meticulous know-how. But it is above all a work of listening and
understanding of your expectations. We assist you through each step of the process
through each step of this process in order to give back to your jewels their
their former splendor.
Whatever the value of your jewelry, if it is important to you
it is important to us. We take care of your pieces from brass to gold
gold, silver or bronze!
The Argent Tonic team welcomes you to the boutique and takes the time to discuss
and take the time to discuss with you and ask you the right questions.

Does a repair distort the elegance of your jewelry? Have your tastes
changed? Old family rings are hiding in your treasure chest
treasure chest and you've been imagining for ages what they might look like
could look like if... ?

What if you came to meet us to discuss the range of possibilities that our
possibilities that our expertise offers?