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About us


More than a jewel, an art-à-porter...


Argent Tonic is first and foremost the story of a sunny, innovative man who settled in Montreal driven by a dream. With an innate talent for creating spectacular and atypical jewelry, Aaron Maya is a treasure hunter. Inspired by the personalities of his finds: precious and semi-precious stones, he tells their stories through unique designs.


Aaron Maya: from Mexico to Laurier Street West

The life story of a prolific designer, whose creations have charmed and enchanted since 2002.

Having Maya as a surname and being of Mexican origin: you can't make that up. Yet it's the real name of jewelry designer Aaron Maya, owner of the Argent Tonic boutique, whose background is at least as original as the wonders he creates.

Originally from Mexico, Aaron Maya has lived in Quebec for many years. In 2002, he opened Argent Tonic on Montreal's chic Laurier Avenue. Since then, the label's reputation has grown and spread. Aaron loves to welcome his customers in a warm and welcoming environment, leaving you time and leisure to admire his creations! Entering this corner of Eden feels like opening the door to an art gallery, where Montreal charm blends with Mexican influences.

Each collection, inspired by semi-precious stones, silver, gold and other inspirational materials, features new models - limited editions or one-offs - always selling at breakneck speed. These beautiful jewels all have a touch of the warm Mexican sun in their distinctive brilliance and exuberance...


Prestigious, since 2002

Argent Tonic is a far cry from generic, mass-produced jewelry: rings feature a slightly hammered texture and brilliantly highlighted natural stones. Necklaces feature molded elements - fish, bird's wings, arabesques - and are formed from chains with unusual, original links. The charm is also in the earrings, cascades of natural stones and silver cast in a variety of shapes, which serve as a showcase for quartz, mother-of-pearl, amethysts, citrines and other exquisite stones.

Silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones

With great attention to detail and a boundless passion for jewelry, Aaron Maya creates extraordinary pieces. Behind every ring, necklace or bracelet, there's first and foremost a love affair with a stone or metal. Then comes the inspiration that guides the creation. The technique or process is also important, and can even dictate the final result. In fact, Aaron is constantly seeking to develop new manufacturing processes that set him apart from other designers. Research is an intrinsic part of every stage of his work. As a result, each piece is unique, with its own story to tell.


Teresa Gonzalez's imprint

When ideas and hands meet... a complementary energy.

Aaron Maya and Teresa Gonzalez did not meet by chance. The two artists began working together several years ago. Since then, they have continued to nurture their creative complementarity. Fusional and passionate, they influence and respond to each other to bring their art to life: "Our pieces sometimes have a common character because we consult each other," says Mr. Maya, giving the people who wear Argent Tonic pieces the opportunity to enjoy this perfect marriage to the full.

But who is Teresa Gonzalez?

Designer, creator and founder of the TEGO brand, Teresa is a woman who turns everything she touches into gold... or silver!

With a background in industrial design, it was during her time in Florence, home to many of Italy's artistic masterpieces, that Teresa specialized in jewelry design. In her mind, jewellery creation cultivates dreams and the imagination, bringing a spark of happiness. It's the perfect way to feel like yourself! A bit of a ubiquitous artist, she works with a wide choice of materials, so that sterling silver, bronze dipped in gold or plated silver is studded with a thousand and one precious stones.

From dream to reality


For the sake of anecdote, let's go back to 2002. Argent Tonic was still in its infancy, and like any young brand, although enthusiasm was present, doubts and uncertainties had plenty of room to take root. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to change everything, for a dream to become more than a reality and sweep away some of the downpours with a wave of the hand!

It's 5 p.m. on December 31, 2002, and Aaron Maya's curtain goes up a little early. The whole of Montreal is holding its breath, with only a few hours to go before 2003.

"I remember it was evening and everything was off. I sat down to breathe for 5 minutes before going home to celebrate the New Year with my family. I looked around the store with a twinge of pride. I was proud of myself! I took a little time to realize how lucky I was and still am. I started from nothing, and Argent Tonic was created with my own hands," he says with a smile. "I said to myself, maybe one day I'll meet someone on the street, in a restaurant, who's wearing my jewel.

Aaron confides that he joined his loved ones that evening, filled with pride and hope.


And what about you? What's your "December 31st"?


Argent Tonic

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