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Made to measure

To create a custom-made jewel is to write a new story. Your
story. To make your own jewel is to free all your creativity
and uniqueness to give life to your most unusual ideas. And that,
is something that Argent Tonic understands well!

You've been looking for a piece of jewelry that looks like you for a long time and
and no jewelry store seems to have what you want? You
Would you like to offer a unique piece of jewelry for a special occasion?
Each of your desires is accompanied by the know-how of our craftsmen
who offer the best jewelry techniques in order to conceive your creation
your creation in our workshop. We work with
materials (gold, silver, platinum...) and thanks to our
and thanks to our 3D printer we can draw each contour of your
of your creation. Step by step, the skill of our jewelers turns your dream
into reality.

From ideation to realization, the Argent Tonic team offers you all its attention
expertise to understand your wishes and expectations.
expectations. Since we don't do anything by halves, we want to understand
we want to understand your needs in order to realize the project that is important to you.
your heart.

The little extra? Argent Tonic keeps among its many treasures, wonderful natural
wonderful natural stones that can feed your imagination...
We are particularly fond of our custom-made service because it offers you the chance to
because it gives you the chance to personalize your souvenirs by making them
memories by making them... magical!